Delicious Valentine’s Day Cocktails

vixen cocktail

Valentine’s Day will be hear before you know it. With love in the air, why not try a delicious cocktail recipe from some of the favorite restaurants across the country.

Whether it’s a romantic evening for two with the ‘Red Over Heels’ cocktail from Sullivan’s Steakhouse; a sensual first date with the ‘Noir Rouge’ from La Toque; or a girl’s night out with ‘The Vixen’ from EPIC Roasthouse – the six, saucy cocktails below will help make any Valentine’s Day a memorable one.

Expert mixologists have shared their love-inspired cocktails to make for the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration.

‘Red Over Heels’ from Sullivan’s Steakhouse
2 ½ oz SKYY Raspberry Vodka
½ oz Chambord
1 oz sweet & sour
1 oz simple syrup
½ oz fresh lemon juice

With a vibe that evokes Prohibition-era America, Sullivan’s Steakhouse is a top destination for guests to experience a complete night out on the town – with food, drinks and entertainment under one roof in all of its 20 locations across the country.

‘The Vixen’ from EPIC Roasthouse
½ lemon juiced
1 ½ oz Skyy vodka
½ oz King’s Ginger Liqueur
1 oz Apple Juice
1 oz Cranberry Juice
Directions: Shake and strain into a Collins glass and top with Bundaberg Ginger Beer

San Francisco’s EPIC Roasthouse blends stunning bay views, award-winning design, and delicious, innovative cotemporary roasthouse and traditional steakhouse cuisine.

‘Noir Rouge’ from La Toque
1.5 oz No. 209 gin
.75 oz Campari
.75 oz Fresh Grapefruit Juice
.5 oz Fresh Lime Juice
.5 oz Simple Syrup
Directions: Line rim of Martini glass with crushed Black Lava Salt and garnish with Lime twist.

La Toque is Chef Ken Frank’s Michelin-starred, contemporary French cuisine located in downtown Napa.

‘Love Potion 88’ from The St. Regis Atlanta’s Paces 88
3 oz. Raspberry vodka (Hangar)
2 oz. Cointreau
Splash of sour mix
Squeeze of fresh lime
Splash of Rose’s Lime Juice
Directions: Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice and shake well. Strain and pour into a martini glass and drop a piece of dry ice into the mixture.

Combining timeless sophistication with an unrivaled dimension of luxury, The St. Regis Atlanta and its restaurant Paces 88 (named for its street in the enclave of Buckhead) offers guests an unparalleled in-town resort.

‘Pier Valentine’ from Michael Minna
1.5 oz No. 209 Gin
.5 oz Campari
.75 oz Lemon Juice
3 Strawberries
Directions: Combine the ingredients into a Shaker Tin with no ice. Muddle the strawberries, add ice and shake for 10 seconds. Fine strain into a Coupe or a V shape Cocktail Glass, Garnish with Rose Petal.

At Michael Mina’s eponymous namesake restaurant in San Francisco, master mixologist Carlo Splendorini offers this inventive Valentine’s Day cocktail featuring the locally-produced, artisanal No. 209 Gin.

‘Breathless Charm’ from Distillery No. 209
1.5 oz Distillery No. 209 Gin
2 Dashes Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas’ Decanter Bitters
.5 oz Blood Orange Juice
.5 oz Hibiscus Syrup
Prosecco, Sage Leaf Garnish

Directions: Combine ingredients minus Prosecco in mixing tin. Add ice and shake vigorously for 6 seconds. Strain up into champagne coupe or flute and top with Prosecco. Float Sage Leaf on liquid for aromatherapy.

For Valentine’s Day, Los Angeles’ top femme mixologist Tricia Alley (Rolling Stone Restaurant & Lounge) has crafted the Breathless Charm featuring San Francisco’s handcrafted No. 209 gin with a balance of fruit, floral and spiced notes for a very sensual cocktail that tickle one’s senses.


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