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Luxury Dream Home on Vail Mountain, Colorado

Luxury Dream Home on Vail Mountain, Colorado

Now is your once in a lifetime opportunity to own your dream home. This amazing luxury dream home is located at 165 Forest road, on Vail Mountain. It is an exquisite, new modern contemporary...

Upper Normandy - luxury estate for sale

Luxury Estate for Sale in Upper Normandy, France

Upper Normandy or Haute-Normandie is a region located approximately 90 kilometers west of Paris, France. This beautiful part of France was initially a single province. It’s now split into Upper Normandy and Lower Normandy....

Owlwood Estate

$90 Million Luxury Owlwood Estate Sold in California

A gorgeous luxury home recently sold in Holmby Hills, California. The purchase price for the Owlwood Estate was an eye popping $90 million. The historic home is located in a very affluent neighborhood in...