Unplug and Connect at Kea Retreat, Greece & Cas Gasi, Ibiza

Kea Retreat - Greece

Are you looking for a family-owned boutique for your next luxury getaway? We want to highlight two amazing luxury properties. They inspire and bring together your family. Both of these family-owned boutique properties are in some of the most stunning landscapes.

KEA RETREAT – Kea Island, Greece

Kea Retreat is a boutique hotel and holistic retreat on the Greek island of Kea. It is cradled by rugged mountain peaks that overlook remote Psathi Bay. Enjoy the stunning panoramic sea views. Therefore, it is as much a spiritual retreat as it is a celebration of the island’s natural landscape and cultural heritage.

· Family owned and operated, Kea Retreat is the brainchild of the Eshet Family. A mother, father and two sons created their dream destination. Continuing, it is on the still-undiscovered island of Kea, just 50 minutes from Athens.

· Located in picturesque Psathi Bay, Kea Retreat features a bountiful farm, and traditional design. Thus, it allows visitors to enjoy the healing powers of nature. Plus, the authenticity of Greek culture and the ability to truly immerse in a peak human experience.

· Ideally nestled amid rolling hills, the boutique hotel slopes down to Kea’s Psathi Beach. Kea Retreat is as much a spiritual retreat as it is a celebration of the island’s natural landscape and cultural heritage.

· Kea Retreat offers varying weeklong wellness experiences. For example, a perfect way to connect with family and leave your worries of the everyday behind. The retreats are designed to enable guests to re-discover their inner voice and reconnect with nature. In addition, bring them together in a sense of celebration for life.

· A typical week includes a mix of yoga, meditation, sound healing, breath-work and tea ceremonies. Plus, enjoy alternative activities to connect with nature. As an example – hiking ancient trails across the island’s virgin farmlands or visiting Kea’s ancient capital. Also, try kayaking to more isolated sandy beaches and secret caves.

CAS GASI – Ibiza, Spain

Cas Gasi is an award-winning boutique hotel and agritourismo nestled in the picturesque countryside of Ibiza. It is widely known for its longstanding commitment to sustainability and slow, quiet luxury for over 30 years.

· Family owned and operated, Cas Gasi is run by Margaret Von Korff. She is a mother of two, who raised her kids in this beautiful, restored farmhouse.

· On an olive grove in the heart of Ibiza, guests feel completely detached from the hustle and bustle of the island’s more touristic towns. Yet, are just a short 15–20-minute drive to just about anywhere on the White Island. Cas Gasi is truly a haven.

· Now, there are a variety of suite options such as the Deluxe Suite and Family Room. Cas Gasi ideally offers the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing escape of any kind. As an example, every room relates to the Ibicencan nature through terraces and patios. Each offers stunning views of Cas Gasi’s gardens and farm.

· As twilight descends upon the abundant gardens and perfumed fruit trees, it evolves into a tranquil sanctuary. It evokes the golden era of Ibiza. Harkening back to a time when life was simpler and a harmonious bond between humanity and the land prevailed.

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Did you enjoy reading about both Kea Retreat and Cas Gasi? These family-owned boutique properties are a must to stay at.

Photo: Kea Retreat


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