Authentic Hermes Birkin and Kelly Handbags

Hermes Birkin handbags
Hermes Birkin - Kelly handbags

The Life of Luxury offers a wide variety of authentic new and pre-owned Hermes Birkin and Kelly handbags. We have access to hundreds of authentic, luxury handbags from all around the world.

We offer a truly, global luxury marketplace for the best new and pre-owned, authentic luxury Hermes bags. Plus, we are a popular destination for luxury Hermes bag buyers and sellers, providing up-to-date information on the best luxury handbag inventory.

All of our Hermès brand new or pre-owned bags are authentic and genuine.  New Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags will come with the signature Hermes box and ribbon, original invoice and care card. In addition, the following included accessories: lock and keys, shoulder strap, clochette, raincoat, plus protective felt and dust bag.

We will only accept pre-payment and offer these secure payment options:
* Wire Transfer
* Escrow Account
* PayPal
* Certified Check
* Cryptocurrency

The demand for Hermes bags is extremely strong. Therefore, availability can change by the day or even the hour. As a result, only a small selection of our luxury handbags are featured on our website. Below are examples of handbags we have offered or are available.

We will do our very best to source your perfect Hermes Birkin or Kelly handbag. Please contact us for additional information at:

Hermes Birkin & Kelly Handbags (New)

K25 Capucine Epsom GHW
Z (2022)
B30 Mauve Sylvestre TC PHW
U (2021)
B25 Jaune Ambre Shiny
Alligator GHW – Y (2020)
K28 Rouge Sellier Togo
GHW U (2021)
B35 Zanzibar GHW Epsom
Z (2022)
B30 Framboise Togo PHW
Z (2022)
K28 Vert Criquet Evercolor
GHW- Z (2022)
B40 Hac Gold Togo PHW
Z (2022)
K25 Black Togo PHW
U (2021)
K25 Lezan Togo GHW
U (2021)
B30 Rouge Grenat Togo GHW
Z (2022)
K28 Vert Criquet GHW Togo
U (2021)


Hermes Birkin & Kelly Handbags (Pre-Owned)

B50 Bleu Nuit & Violet
Clemence Cosmos Haut
à Courroies (2021)
H35 Rouge Vif Tangerine
Rouge H Ostrich PHW
B40 Natural Ardennes GHW
B25 Bleu Zanzibar Togo PHW
B30 Parchemin Ostrich
RGHW (2019)
K25 Black Shiny Lizard
Sellier GHW (2008)
K28 Rouge H & White Dalmatian
Retourne PHW (2001)
K32 Bleu Electrique Porosus
Crocodile Sellier GHW (2015)
B35 Bois De Rose Matte
Alligator PHW (2012)
K35 Bleu Electrique Tadelakt
Sellier GHW (2019)
K35 White Dalmatian Retourne
PHW (2001)
K32 Orange Togo Retourne GHW