Samuel Sloan Estate – Historical Mansion in New York State with Modernized LEED Certified Upgrades

Samuel Sloan Estate

A stunning historical mansion in New York State is on the market for $11,250,000. The luxury Samuel Sloan Estate offers amazing views of the Catskills, West Point Academy and the gorgeous countryside along the Hudson River. In addition, the luxurious historical mansion offers modernized LEED certified upgrades.

The Samuel Sloan Estate blends the past with the future, in a truly authentic way. The historical mansion in New York State sits on over 16 lush acres.

Kenneth J. Moore is the President of Classiques Modernes International Realty and represents the fully renovated Philipstown estate. The list price is $11.25 million. Moore says, “The first thing that hits you is its impressive scale. The original structure had baronial rooms that needed to be reimagined to complement today’s more intimate entertaining style. The volume remains–the soaring ceilings were kept–but the new residence now enjoys both formal and casual living spaces.”

Built in 1864, the railroad magnate’s house was originally known as Oulagisket. It underwent various transformations. In 1910 Samuel Sloane Jr. and his wife Katherine redesigned the home, renamed Lisburne Grange. Fletcher Steele, was one of the 20th century’s most glorified landscape architects. He augmented the estate’s surroundings with beautiful gardens and scenic lookouts. Enjoy breathtaking nature views.

The ingenuity of the historical mansion’s modernization is both poignant and dynamic. The new homeowner will appreciate the home’s energy efficient redesign, amongst a luxurious setting.

In 2014, the façade changed from Italianate to Greek revival. As a result, it features a two-story portico. Note the imposing columns, serving as a foreground to a full-width second floor loggia.

Samuel Sloan Estate

The expansive interior spans about 11,800 of livable square footage. Additionally, the full-sized cellar and attic offer 10,000 sq. ft. of supplementary amenity, storage, and utility spaces. The estate features six bedrooms, six full and three half baths. Plus, find a full floor dedicated to entertaining and recreation. Hence, it ensures plenty of room for sumptuous living. Also, the 3,500 sq. ft. carriage house can also be transformed into a three-story auxiliary house. Perfect for either guest and staff suites.

Classiques Modernes co-founder, Loy Carlos states, “Even among best-in-class properties, it’s a trailblazer. The visual I often use is driving. There is a healthy balance of looking forward, of checking the rearview mirror, and of still being aware of the present. This house pays homage to its history It’s equipped with the conveniences and luxuries of today. But it keeps a keen eye towards the future. Lastly, it promotes an evolutionary and principled lifestyle.”

From entertaining to weekends away from New York City, the Samuel Sloan Estate is just an hour away. In addition, the historical mansion is a stone’s throw away from Bear Mountain, Cold Spring and many other destinations. The luxury property offers so much for the nature-loving, environmentally-conscious homeowner. This historical mansion is not only about improvement. It serves as a stepping-stone to the future of real estate.

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