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Belvedere Vodka Cinnamon Smash cocktail

Celebrate a Ghoulish Halloween with Belvedere Vodka

Are you in the mood to mix something wicked on October 31? For Halloween, Belvedere Vodka is offering the most wonderfully wicked cocktails to enjoy All Hallows’ Eve. Lastly, these great tasting, spirit blends...

BACARDÍ Zombie rum cocktail

Enjoy Halloween with a Delicious Bacardi Cocktail

Halloween is just around the corner and BACARDI has the perfect creepy cocktail to enjoy this year! This BACARDI cocktail is perfect for your Halloween party or other social gathering. As Halloween nears, many...

Watermelopn Beer Rita

Delicious Cocktails to Enjoy on Labor Day

Labor Day is tomorrow September 4, 2017. As a U.S. and Canada national holiday, it’s to time to pay respect and honor of working people of our great countries. Whether you are having a...