Celebrate the New Year with El Jefe from Tequila Don Julio

Tequila Don Julio 1942 El Jefe Bottles

The New Year is right around the corner. Where did 2016 go? With 2017 just weeks ago, New Year’s Eve party plans are well under way. Be sure to include “El Jefe” from Tequila Don Julio.

Tequila Don Julio has been been one of the most respected tequila brands in the world. They have just introduced their newest addition to their fine tequila portfolio – El Jefe. The new Don Julio 1942 1.75 Liter bottles will be labeled “El Jefe.”

These new bottles will be available in many of the most popular nightclubs. Initially, expect to see them in California, Illinois, New York, Florida and Nevada. In addition, additional markets will see El Jefe during 2017.

Tequila Don Julio is a top choice for many people who like to drink this fine spirit either straight or mixed in their favorite cocktail of choice. From celebrities and dignitaries, Don Julio 1942 is extremely popular. In fact, it remains the fastest growing luxury spirit over the $100 retail price point.

The history of Tequila Don Julio is epic. It was originally crafted by founder Don Julio González. In a collaboration with current Master Distiller Enrique de Colsa, the great taste of this iconic tequila was born.

Tequila is always a popular alcoholic choice. Don’t risk it by choosing a low quality tequila. Go with a top brand like Tequila Don Julio and you won’t be disappointed. Your friends will thank you as well!

Now with the bigger El Jefe size, there is no reason to live life with regrets. Have fun at your next party or social event!

Enjoy the new El Jefe 1.75 Liter bottles from Tequila Don Julio. We hope you return again to follow this popular luxury blog. Read about the most popular spirits and wine news. Need help planning your next party? Let us know.

Photo: Tequila Don Julio / Shannon Sturgis Photography


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