Great Tasting Cocktail Recipes for Spring and Summer

Skinny Ginger Whiskey cocktail

With spring in full swing and summer getting closer by the day, it’s time to celebrate great weather – no matter whether you are hosting or attending a fun party or other social event. Tasty cocktail recipes can really spice up a party.

We wanted to share with our loyal readers, several great tasting cocktail recipes to try out. These delicious libations are sure to impress and are perfect on any warm weather day.

The first cocktail is named a SKINNY GINGER®. The SKINNY GINGER is a refreshing, light, and easy-to-make cocktail. Ideal for any warm weather occasion. For those watching their calorie intake, this great tasting cocktail has under 200 calories. Below is the recipe:

– 2 parts 2 GINGERS® Irish Whiskey
– Diet Ginger Ale
– Lemon Wedge
– Lime Wedge

Method: Pour the 2 GINGERS® Irish Whiskey into a pint glass with ice. Top with diet ginger ale, followed by a wedge of a lemon and lime.


The second cocktail is named KNOB CREEK® SWEET & SPICY TEA. This incredible cocktail was developed by mixologist, Zac Matthew. This libation perfectly blends the sweet & spicy. Below is the recipe:

– 2 parts Knob Creek® Rye
– 2 parts Southern Style “Sweet Tea” (* recipe below)
– ¼ part Fresh Lemon Juice
– 1 part Prosecco

1. Combine Knob Creek® Rye, sweet tea and lemon juice into a shaker with ice.
2. Strain into a rocks glass over ice.
3. Float Prosecco on top to finish.
4. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

*Southern Style “Sweet Tea”
– Black Tea
– Simple Syrup

1. Prepare a fresh pot of black tea per instructions.
2. Combine freshly brewed black tea with an ample amount of simple syrup (to taste).


The third and last cocktail we wanted to share is ideally named – BASIL HAYDEN’S BLUE GRASS PUNCH. This terrific

tasting cocktail combines the ideal combo of bubbles and fruit. To create a little splash in this cocktail, just add

the frozen blueberry ring.

Basil Hayden’s® Bluegrass Punch
– 4 parts Basil Hayden’s ® Bourbon
– 8 parts Blueberry Juice
– 8 parts Passion Fruit Juice
– Sparkling Wine or Club Soda
– Fresh Mint Leaves

1. Add Basil Hayden’s, blueberry juice, passion fruit juice and ice in a cocktail shaker and shake.
2. Top with club soda or sparkling wine

Blueberry Ice Ring:
Freeze one bag of frozen blueberries with water in a bunt cake pan. Dip frozen ring into hot water for a few seconds to unmold. Place in punch bowl with blueberry side up.


If you are looking for an event planner to help host a party or special event, contact The Life of Luxury. Watch for other delicious cocktail recipes by following our luxury blog.


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