House of Martell Cognac – L’OR de Jean Martell “Dome”

House of Martell cognac - L'OR de Jean Martell Dome
House of Martell cognac

The House of Martell is pleased to reveal the luxury gift box (called the “Dôme”) of L’OR de Jean Martell, a prestigious cognac, the most complex blend of the Martell Range.

Cognac is brandy, and is also called eau de vie. It is produced by doubly distilling white wines produced in any of the designated growing regions.

Martell gave Eric Gizard, French interior architect and designer, the task of creating a special box to further enrich L’OR de Jean Martell, the result of a series of “rare encounters”. The combination of Grande Champagne and Borderies creates a unique blend of elegance, power, and richness.

This elegant box designed by Eric Gizard matches the sophistication of the blend and allows you to carry and display this most beautiful gem in its collection. Called upon for his creativity, the main idea behind the bottle was to surround L’OR de Jean Martell with several skins that would gradually lead to the cognac and make a ritual out of serving it.

The result is dramatic. The Sèvres Crystal decanter is presented under a Dome, which itself is sheathed in a delicate cover of fine-grain leather and the metallic luster of a lid which sits perfectly enshrined within its container. When the carafe is beneath its Dome, it is topped by a transport cap, but once it is displayed, the formal crystal cap returns to its original place.

When Eric Gizard launched the Dome to retail outlets he applied his presentation concept using a back-lit display case to showcase the warm color of the cognac, with its mahogany tints. A concave mirror behind the carafe creates a stunning optical effect and highlights the crystal decanter in the simplest way, as if levitating above its base.

Discover L’OR de Jean Martell visuals on site in prestigious places such as Le Lucien bar at Fouquet’s in Paris or Les Airelles hotel in Courchevel.


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