Guilty Pleasures in Sin City: Universal Whisky Experience at Wynn Las Vegas

Universal Whisky Experience - Las Vegas

Universal Whisky Experience

I have a love/hate relationship with Las Vegas. I’ve experienced two disastrous work-related conferences, lost all of the cash I had on me, and had my shoes vomited on by a drunken stranger. But on the flip side, I was astounded by multiple amazing Cirque du Soleil shows, tasted the most exquisite food and wine, and most importantly, Vegas was where my fiance proposed.

I vowed to never return to Vegas after each calamitous encounter, but the allure of luxury and the promise of adventure always kept me revisiting Sin City. It looks like next March would be another excuse for me to escape my day job for a weekend and sneak away to the Universal Whisky Experience at the Wynn Las Vegas.

Taking place on between 2-3 of March in 2012 is world’s first premier luxury whisky show, the Universal Whisky Experience. Created by commercial real estate mogul, Mahesh Patel, these shows are designed to promote super-premium whisky.

Mahesh’s great passion in life is whisky, namely “Scotch” whisky. A connoisseur and enthusiast, he frequently attends exclusive whisky events and gatherings both domestically and abroad. He has been a collector of fine and rare whiskies for more than 20 years.

An event unlike any other, it attracts globe trotting whisky aficionados, collectors, and industry experts to one location where guests can share their passion for high-end whiskies. Taking place between March 2-3, 2012 at the Wynn Las Vegas, the Universal Whisky Experience consists of over 25 distilleries, exclusive VIP tasting events, Master Classes and gourmet dinners. In addition, attendees have the rare opportunity to savor samples from Mahesh’s distinctive whisky collection.

Just remember to drink responsibly. No woman likes having their shoes vomited on.


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