Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky For the Holidays

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch Whisky
Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Johnnie Walker is clearly the leading Scotch whisky brand in the world.

With the holidays upon us, a gift of Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky will clearly make a profound statement.

You can choose from a wide selection of the House of Walker’s impressive portfolio of blended whiskies.

Here are a couple of holiday gift ideas to add to your shopping list, for that appreciative man in your life.

– For your best friend, the Johnnie Walker Black Label ($34 – 750 ml) says, “You’re the best friend a guy could have and I can always depend on you. Happy Holidays.”

– For your younger brother, consider …Johnnie Walker Red Label ($23 – 750 ml) which says, “I’ve spent my whole life imparting my wisdom upon you, so it’s time to promote your drink of choice. Happy Holidays.”

– For your favorite wingman… – try the Johnnie Walker Gold Label ($85 – 750 ml) saying, “I wanted to tell you what a champion wingman you’ve been over the past few years. I trust that you will always keep the party going. Happy Holidays.”

– For your co-work buddy, how about a …Johnnie Walker Green Label ($60 – 750 ml) which communicates, “Sitting next to you for the past six months has been a blast. We should probably hang out a bit more outside of the office, because you’ve really become a great friend. Happy Holidays.”

– For your father-in-law-to-be…, take a look at Johnnie Walker Blue Label ($220 – 750 ml) which says, “I’m about to marry your daughter. I swear I’ll always give her my best.  And here’s the best for you. Happy Holidays.”


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  1. Imran says:

    Johnnie Walker Blue is a very special whiskey. I like it very much.