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Vertu TI luxury smartphone

Vertu TI – Luxury Smart Phone with Android OS

Vertu, a British manufacturer and retailer of luxury mobile phones, known for using lavish materials such as gold, sapphire, rubies and fine leather to create an elegant design is now introducing VERTU TI, the...

Vertu Constellation Black Neon luxury mobile phone

Constellation Black Neon Luxury Mobile Phone by Vertu

Constellation Black Neon by Vertu Vertu, the market leader in luxury mobile phones, has unveiled its latest addition to the Constellation collection, Constellation Black Neon. Vertu also offers an array of other luxury mobile...

Vertu Constellation Quest smartphone

Vertu Constellation Quest Smartphone

Vertu Constellation Quest smartphone – Vertu As the 2011 Formula One season is about to begin, luxury comes to the forefront. My Yacht F1 Monaco is a luxury 3-day hospitality experience held at the...

Vertu Constellation Quest smartphone - pink

Constellation Quest Smartphone Pink by Vertu

Vertu Constellation Quest Smartphone Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Vertu is offering the ultimate luxury gift – the new Constellation Quest smartphone. The Constellation Quest smartphone by Vertu will be available in both...