New Luxury Smartphone “Constellation Blue” by Vertu

Constellation Blue luxury mobile smartphone by Vertu

Vertu – Constellation Blue

For those looking for the best in the luxury mobile phone market, Vertu is the market leader and provides customers with unmatched, unique services and experiences for those who desire only the very best.

Vertu partnered with creative brand, Italia Independent and the two companies just introduced a luxury mobile phone collection called Constellation Blue.

Many well known dignitaries were part of the exclusive Milan Fashion Week event that launched the new handset collection, including Diana Picasso, Shala Monroque and Marta Ferri.

Constellation Blue by Vertu features an incredible sophisticated design that utilizes highly crafted materials such as blue carbon fibre composite, blue metallic sapphire, blue pvd stainless steel as well as two-tone blue rubberized leather.

The luxury Constellation Blue smartphone collection will be available in two different models – Constellation Blue and Constellation Quest Blue.

The Constellation Blue smartphone offers a touchscreen display and comes in 777 different pieces. The other phone model -the Constellation Quest Blue features a QWERTY keyboard. Quantity is very limited with only 77 phones planned for sale.

What makes these luxury phones so unique is that each handset is built by only a single craftsman, offering a high level of craftsmanship, quality and personal attention to detail.


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