Gold Sequined Escada Dress

Gold Sequined Escada Dress
Gold Sequined Escada Dress

Escada – Continuity and Change
Building a brilliant future on a successful past.
Creating a brand new world of aspiration.
Desirable, Glamorous, Perfect.

Price available upon request. Elite Traveler

Escada clothing is an embodiment of the traditional style in fashion. The development of the brand began in the late 1970s and since that time Escada has become one of the most popular brands on the planet.

Escada dresses, Escada pants, Escada jeans and denim, Escada outerwear and much more items of clothes and accessories are sold all over the world. Escada clothing – it’s more than just a brand name.

Today Escada is the international fashion group working in the style of expensive designer apparel and high level goods. More than forty designers from different countries of the world work over the creation of Escada clothing.


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