Introducing the Stunning Jaquet Droz Paillonee Collection

Jaquet Droz Paillonee Collection

The Jaquet Droz Paillonee Collection is the latest from the luxury watch brand. The watch collection includes extraordinary timepieces that pay tribute to paillonné enameling art.

Jaquet Droz watches are widely known for their high quality and creative dial design. They are also respected for their mechanical excellence. Their watch dials are professionally painted, engraved and finally enameled in the Ateliers d’Art in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

The beautiful art of paillonné enameling is done by carfully placing many tiny paillons of gold to produce gorgeous geometrical patterns. These patterns are placed on colored enamel. When completed, the design is covered by a coat of translucent enamel fondant. To complete the process, the enamel finish must be perfect. To offer only the best color and grain, extensive experience is required to master the extremely high firing temperatures.

The result is simply a stunning luxury watch. Like other watch collections, the Jaquet Droz Paillonee Collection takes a bit of the ast and blends them with the best of the present.

Founder Pierre Jaquet-Droz was one of the paillonné enameling technique specialists. The art itself peaked in use in the 18th century. The skilled workers at Jaquet Droz continue to test and improve the process.

The Jaquet Droz Paillonee Collection presents these impressive timepieces in limited editions. They would make a perfect gift for a special birthday or anniversary.

The Grande Seconde sports watch features distinctive shades of violet and anthracite gray, in addition to a blue color that shows intense luminosity. Petite Heure Minute 39 mm watch also includes the previously mentioned three colors. The impressive pocket watch features both red or blue.

The Tourbillon watch comes with a seven-day power reserve. This is the first time this category is available in a paillonné version.

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Photo: Jaquet Droz


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