Vertu Constellation Candy Cell Phone for the Fashion Forward Female

Vertu Constellation Candy luxury smartphone

Vertu Constellation Candy

Vertu is the market leader in luxury mobile phones. The luxury technology company has added an elegant and feminine feel to its latest smartphone, Constellation which has resulted in the birth of Constellation Candy.

As the pioneer and leading manufacturer of luxury mobile phones, Vertu creates technology that complements the discerning customer’s lifestyle.

Constellation Candy is a stunning offer in a collection of bold summer shades that were carefully created to seamlessly complement and enhance the discerning lifestyle of the fashion forward female.

The luxury Constellation Candy cell phone touchscreen model delivers the perfect balance between an unparalleled art of craftsmanship and modern technology while offering an unrivaled range of category leading exclusive services.

As summer near, Constellation Candy is available in several bright hues including: mint green, raspberry and tangerine.

Each phone’s handset exudes personality and features 0.34 carats of natural gem stones that are all delicately handset in a reduced setting around the pillow on the front of the phone: Rubies for the Raspberry Candy; Tsavorites for the Mint Green Candy and Orange Sapphires for the Tangerine Candy.

High performance materials are used in the curation of this product, such as a single piece of flawless 3.5” HD multi-touch sapphire crystal for the screen, an 8 megapixel camera with an intricate ruby surround on the shutter key, polished ceramic pillow, surgical grade stainless steel with satin and polished finish, highest quality leather on the back plate of the phone as well as Vertu’s unique high fidelity sound system.

With the Vertu Constellation Candy, the sky is the limit and a must for any fashion forward female. Current pricing is as follows:

Constellation Candy Tangerine- $9,500 USD
Constellation Candy Rasberry- $9,500 USD
Constellation Candy Mint Green- $9,500 USD


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