Vertu Constellation – New Ultra-Luxury Smartphone

Vertu Constellation Smartphone

Luxury mobile phone brand Vertu, has announced the U.S. launch of the Constellation smartphone.

For more than a decade, Vertu has defined the ultra-luxury mobile phone market with world-class products and service. They infuse innovative technology with expert craftsmanship and all proudly made in England.

The Vertu range of mobile phones consist of three unique models – Vertu Ti, Signature and Constellation.

The new Vertu Constellation phone features a stunning 104-carat sapphire crystal screen that’s surrounded by grade 5 titanium casing and swathed in high-quality calf leather. The leather is carefully hand selected from the Alpine region of Europe.

The Vertu Constellation operating using the latest Android OS – Jelly Bean. The impressive new Constellation offers the ultimate in technology and delivers special content, access to unique opportunities plus personal security directly through the handset.

Vertu pioneered the luxury mobile phone category with the launch of the iconic ‘Signature’ phone back in 2002. Since that time, the luxury mobile phone company has dominated the category that it created, despite strong competition from many, larger brands over the years.

Massimiliano Pogliani is the Vertu Chief Executive Officer and was quoted, “This is a vibrant time for Vertu. This is our second major product launch of 2013 and it helps define a clear segmentation strategy which identifies distinct product lines in the Vertu portfolio. This will broaden Vertu’s appeal, attracting new customers to the brand as well as increasing the choice for our existing global customer base.”The new Vertu Constellation luxury smartphone includes a portfolio of melodic ringtones that were created especially for Vertu

and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. The ringtone portfolio also includes a clever set that features an English bird song.

The luxury phone’s sleek, contemporary form was purposely designed and engineered to appeal equally to both male and female consumers.

The Vertu Constellation luxury smartphone has a retail price of $5,950.

If you are interested in purchasing the new Vertu Constellation mobile phone, please contact The Life of Luxury.


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