Vod-K Caramel & Truffe – New Luxury Vodka

Vod-K Caramel & Truffe - Luxury Vodka
Vod-K Caramel & Truffe – Luxury Vodka

There’s a new addition to the luxury Vodka market. Fryd Food & Drink has collaborated with QSLD Paris and created its own brand new vodka – Vod-k Caramel & Truffe.

QSLD was founded by Denis Boudard & his associates in 1993, and has been at the center of the French Luxury scene for more than 15 years and is strengthened on the U.S. market by his U.S. branchs QSLD New World (2003) and QLSD NYC (2010).

Vod-k Caramel & Truffe is made from exceptional products. Of course, choosing the proper ingredients is a crucial factor in any alcoholic beverage. The choice of the the high quality ingredients in Vod-k Caramel & Truffe also inspired QSLD Paris, who specializes in truffle based fine food, for the creation of the designer bottle.

The bottle evokes both tradition and purity. To highlight Vod-k’s extreme purity, QSLD Paris has decided to design a bottle reminding us of a distillery sample bottle.

Denis Boudard was quote, “I wanted to reconsider, premiumize and modernize the distillery sample bottle. The bottle of Vod-k is cylinder-shaped heavy and weighted to underline its premium character. This character is highlightened by the mat finishing of its Brown anodized metal cap. The bottom of the bottle is truffle shaped. The concept of Vod-k has been thought from the beginning to the end to create a consistent universe. Vod-k is a modern interpretation of the « demijohn ». Unique by its shape and its graphic design, Vod-k is also a decorative object. Thought to be exhibited, no detail has been left to chance.”

The clever name VOD-K is of course, derived from the common, universal name – vodka. The new brand, VOD-K should therefore be easy to remember and to understand.


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