Enjoy The Holiday Season with Great Tasting Cruzan Rum

Cruzan Black Strap Rum

The Christmas holiday season is a great time to enjoy parties and other social gatherings with friends, family and co-workers.

Cruzan Rum is well known for its great rum taste and a popular spirit to drink alone or in your favorite cocktail. We wanted to share several Cruzan Rum choices to enjoy at your next party or give as a holiday gift.

Cruzan Black Strap (For the Home Bartender):
With a dark and aromatic taste profile, Cruzan Black Strap is reminiscent of classic navy rums of the U.S. Virgin Islands, and offers a richer taste and color than traditional rums. For the cocktail connoisseur who can’t get enough of classic rum cocktails such as hurricanes or coladas, adding a dash of Cruzan Black Strap as a floater adds a premium touch.

Cruzan Single Barrel (For the Bourbon Enthusiast):
Created with a blend of vintage rums that have been aged for up to 12 years, this well-rounded, mellow and full-bodied rum has a distinctive taste that is best enjoyed when sipped neat or on the rocks. Gift it to a fan of bourbon or whiskey who is looking to explore a new trend in spirits.

Cruzan Peach (For the Snowbound):
Perfect for someone who is eagerly awaiting the return to warm weather. With the sweet taste of juicy, ripe peaches, Cruzan Peach Rum will transport them to memories of warmer days and tropical locales. Mix it in with a mojito to bring the classic recipe up a notch.

If you have been looking for a great tasting rum cocktail, here are a few holiday cocktail recipes to try with Cruzan Rum. Kick back by an open fire or party until the early morning – anytime is Cruzan Rum time.

Cruzan Sleigh Bell
2 parts Cruzan Aged Dark Rum
1/2 part Sweet Vermouth
1/2 part Bitter Amaro
Dash of Orange Bitters
Bing Cherry

Combine all ingredients over ice and stir. Pour into a chilled coupe. Garnish with a Bing Cherry.

Cruzan Snow Day
1 3/4 parts Cruzan Aged Light Rum
1/4 part DeKuyper Crème de Menthe
1 1/2 parts Heavy Cream
Squeeze of Fresh Lime

Combine all ingredients over ice, shake, double strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with crushed peppermint on the rim of the glass.

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