SENSAI Premier “The Cream” by Kanebo

Kanebo The Cream
Courtesy of: Kanebo

These days, women take their beauty products quite serious and spend much of their hard earned money to buy the very best available.

Asian cosmetics manufacturer Kanebo has provided women the most expensive skin creams ever made. The body cream is one of the highest concentration ever of the best, most valuable Asian ingredients found in a single jar of cream.

Kanebo has named their premier lotion – SENSAI Premier “The Cream”. This product promises to reduce the signs of aging and revitalize your skin in no time.

Some of the most valuable Asian ingredients found in “The Cream” include Koishimaru silk extracts to moisturize the deepest layers of the skin, saffron oil to assist dermal healing, and its very own Moon Flower fragrance to soothe the soul.

The Cream promises to restore your skin’s vitality and result in firmer skin within just four short weeks of use. Regardless, it will definitely leave your skin velvety smooth, luminous & youthful.

The cream comes available in a trendy, smoky-quartz-colored jar.

“The Cream” is pricey, and sells for around $650 for a 1.36 oz container. In addition, the The Body Cream is priced at $400 for a 6.8 oz container.

These powerfully luxurious skincare solutions are available at as well as at

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