Nose Plastic Surgery: Boost Your Confidence and Beautify Your Face

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It’s a fact that feeling unhappy with your nose can send your confidence levels free falling.  This applies to bumpy noses, hooked noses, previously broken noses, and seriously skewed noses.

If you are suffering with one or more of the above problems, you might be a candidate for nose plastic surgery. Nose plastic surgery, more commonly known as the “nose job,” is becoming increasingly popular as its associated costs continue to plummet.

Here are some common ways in which nose plastic surgery can enhance your life:

1. Super Confidence

If your heart sinks every time you look in the mirror, nose plastic surgery may be the answer for which you have been waiting. The surgery is only minimally invasive and boasts impressive success rates. In addition, previous recipients of many types of cosmetic surgery claim that their confidence, libido, and love life has greatly improved.

2. Better Breathing

Trauma to the facial area not only affects the aesthetics of the nose, but it also affects the functionality. If you’ve sustained a broken nose in the past, you might be having difficulty breathing. Another common problem associated with trauma to the nose is noisy breathing. Nose plastic surgery can correct both problems effectively, and within three hours in most cases too!

3. Sensational Straightness

Nose plastic surgery is most commonly used to even out bumps and blights on the bone. Essentially, the surgeon makes a tiny incision either inside the nose or on the piece of cartilage between the nostrils. Once the underlying bone is exposed, a surgical file is used to shave off the excess bone until it is flush with the rest. The skin is then re-spread, sutured, and finally, the nose is secured with a splint. Generally, both the sutures and the splint are removed approximately one week after surgery. At this point, you will be free to return to your normal daily life.

4. Perfect Proportions

There is no circumventing the fact that an overly large or hooked nose can seriously blight the beauty of an otherwise stunning face. Sometimes, the nose looks more prominent because the contours of the chin are weak. This problem is greatly exacerbated by age and weight gain. Some surgeons perform chin contours in combination with nose plastic surgery. This doubles the result and halves the time, effort, and cost.

5. Better Prospects

Appearance is of major concern in most careers.  Regardless of your occupation, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Of course, it’s always nice to look your best, but what you may not realize is that your imperfect nose could have a detrimental effect on your earning potential.

Not only are other people more likely to hire fabulous faces to represent their brand, but the added confidence you feel knowing that your features are proportionate puts an extra confident spring in your step.

Nose plastic surgery offers a wonderful alternative for the physically and emotionally healthy. Good surgeons assess the suitability of each candidate for the procedure based on a number of criteria. Do your homework, be open and honest with your surgeon, and have realistic expectations about what nose plastic surgery can do for you.

Written By: Michael Brains of


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