Weight Watching, No Longer Just for Women

Weight Watcher Fit Man

Worrying about their bodies is no longer exclusive to women.  It seems that men are becoming just as concerned and increasingly aware of their weight and overall looks as women.

Eating disorder expert Dr. John Morgan, the head of the Yorkshire Centre for Eating Disorders, says that many young men suffer “extreme distress” over the appearance of their body.

The preliminary results of his research, which was carried out on male students aged 18 to 25 at Surrey University and is due for publication next year, found that one in five worry about their physiques.

For every man with an eating disorder, another ten desperately want to change the way they look. “One in five men have some degree of quite extreme distress,” he says.

A study conducted by ICM for Norwich Union in 2006, found that 36 per cent of men exaggerated how much weight they could lift in a gym. Also, one of every five men lied about his own body weight.  This behavior was once considered solely a female preserve.  Read more


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