Luxury Line of Skincare Products by Ashieda

Ashieda Beuaty Nectar drink

Keeping our skin looking healthy and youthful is a constant battle. Ashieda offers a line of luxury skincare products that include one-of-a-kind anti-aging, hydration and skin renewal properties.

Ashieda was founded by Sarah Ehrlich (photo below) and her luxury skincare brand uses only all natural, world-class ingredients obtained from from local cultures with proven formulas to truly help a person’s skin look even more youthful and radiant.

The Ashieda line of skincare products is comprised of four incredible products: Beauty Nectar, Natural Clear Skin Cleansing Sponge, Natural Moisture Hydrating Crème plus the Natural Facial Mask. Celebrities work hard at keeping their skin looking their best. Several current clients include Robin Antin, Akon and David Guetta.

Sarah Ehrlich - Ashieda

Skin Renewal Mask by Ashieda is a wonderful product that actually stimulates collagen generation to produce a healthy looking skin. It’s the ideal mask because it is easy to use at-home plus the mask is made from all-natural vegetable fibers. The skin results are amazing as the mask targets all aspects of anti aging in this sole treatment. You will be impressed with your skin’s instant and long lasting results.

Clinically proven as safe, the Skin Renewal Mask has seen results showing about 67% of its users actually seeing improvement in their skin surface in just 6 months. Don’t think The mask is only for women. Men too have seen great results and noted celebrities such as Miguel, Ed Sheeran and Matt Gross use it.

You want to talk about a game changer in skincare, then please strongly consider Beauty Nectar by Ashieda. This unique collagen drink product has been specifically formulated and proven in clinical studies to both renew and hydrate your skin. Since our skin is made up of more than 80% collagen, the challenge is to stop the natural decline in our skin’s protein levels which causes those unsightly fine lines and wrinkles. Beauty Nectar is a delicious-tasting collagen drink and is simply 100% natural. No sugars, chemicals or any type of additive.

The benefit is that the Beauty Nectar collagen drink provides the highest grade of hydrolyzed collagen to treat your skin. The results are almost immediate after drinking the 10-bottle box. Each bottle is 2 ounces and when taken daily, it adds pure hydrolyzed collagen protein to your skin. You’ll quickly notice an improvement in your overall skin tone, in addition to a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. It’s time to help bring your skin back to the strength and elasticity of your youth!

Looking for a great tasting cocktail with a health boost. try the “Drink Yourself Pretty Cocktail.” Just mix a 2-oz bottle of Beauty Nectar with 8 ounces of vodka. Add a red cherry and enjoy!

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