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Flying SUV’s In The Sky

Personal jets have long been the preferred transportation choice of execs and the rich & famous. In fact, most top executives will do anything to bypass the delays and hassles of commercial air travel.  A growing...

Thanks to FAA, Private Jets Push Limit on Luxury

As commercial airline passengers face another summer of crowds, delays and missed connections, the owners of private jets can look forward to federal regulators’ help in making their flights more comfortable and stylish. What...

Flying The World’s Smallest Business Jet

Visit the factory of Eclipse Aviation, as I did in May, and you’ll see how large a bet founder and CEO Vern Raburn has made on very light jets. Full article

Pimp My Plane Please

If you think spending a few hundred dollars for a worn-out leather seat, bottled water, and a few extra inches of legroom is luxury, then you don’t know what luxury is. Pimp my plane...