Luxury BOQARI Q1 Earbuds

Boqari Q1 earbuds
Photo: Boqari

The new luxury earbuds from BOQARI are attractive and feature a unique design.

BOQARI has introduced a cutting-edge earphone revolution in both design and style. The couture Q1 earbuds are high-quality and offer superb stereo sound.

The Q1 earbuds come in four different colors, in addition to seven various sizes (XS to XL) of earbud fittings, allowing a perfect ear fit.

The sound is incredible, offering the listener flawless resonance, made possible by a pure metal sound chamber.

The highs are sharp and clear, a full mid-range, vibrant vocals and a rich, deep bass.

The earphones feature a custom braided cable, plus a 24-carat gold plated 3.5 mm audio jack. The advantage of this design is it prevents a loose sound connection to your audio device.

The  luxurious Boqari Q1 Earbuds come in a custom zippered travel case that  includes the metal, crown Boqari logo.

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