Concrete Speakers That Offer Concrete Sound from Concrete Audio

Concrete Audio speakers

We already know what most of you are saying. Speakers made form concrete? That’s right and you’ll be amazed at the actual performance. Concrete Audio is a company from Germany. They will be showcasing their best concrete speaker products at this week’s HIGH END audio show in Munich, Germany.

HIGH END runs from May 5 to 8 and Concrete Audio will be announcing and demonstrating their new subwoofer S1. The S1 follows the company’s other high quality speakers, including the audiophile floorstander N1 and ultra flat on-wall speaker F1.

Concrete Audio designs and produces high-end loudspeaker systems. The products are unique since they are made form concrete but also provide a timeless elegance and incredible audio dynamics.

Concrete has been around this the Roman Empire days. It’s a simple formula of cement, water and sand. But when the final product after the Concrete Audio process is completed, the result is a smooth surface similar to cut stone. The finished look can be enhanced with various techniques. It can be be lacquered or real wood veneered. The surface can also be sealed using polish, wax or oil.

So what drove the company to design and develop a concrete speaker? Audio specialists know that the key to a great loudspeaker is its housing cannot vibrate. If it does, there is a distortion of the sound and it is heard as unnnatural.

Although they come with a distinctive and stylish lok, they are heavy. That seems to be the major issue when one first hears about them. But the accolades are numerous. For example, musician and producer Nils Landgren was quoted, “I have never in my life heard Chet Baker sound so good! If you are looking for concrete sound, check out Concrete Audio.”

The brand’s F1 speaker is flat concrete speaker. It was developed along with the Ilmenau Fraunhofer Institute IDMT. Since it’s so thin, it can actually be mounted on a wall. The floorstander N1 is a passive tower speaker. It’s an awesome speaker and produces a totally, natural sound.

It doesn’t matter if you are an audio purist or want to be a trendsetter, take a closer look at the incredible concrete speaker products from Concrete Audio.

Impress your friends and family the next time you entertain with concrete speakers from Concrete Audio. Come back soon to read more audio and technology articles in our luxury blog. Let us know if you are interested in learning more.

Photo: Concrete Audio


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