Audio-Technica Noise-cancelling Headphones

Audio-Technica athanc7b headphones
Courtesy of: Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica celebrates 48 years of audio excellence, and is renowned worldwide for a broad range of consumer and professional audio products, including high-performance headphones, microphones, wireless systems, turntables and phono cartridges.

Audio-Technica’s QuietPoint active noise-cancelling headphones make any trip more pleasurable. The ATH-ANC7b over-ear headphones, ATH-ANC27 over-ear model and ATH-ANC25 on-ear headphones combine easy portability with outstanding noise-cancelling performance, comfort and sound quality. They’re the perfect traveling companions for a vacation, business trip or weekend getaway.

All three models use Audio-Technica’s exclusive QuietPoint active noise-cancelling technology to effectively block outside noise, whether you’re in a plane, train, ship or a passenger in a car. A miniature microphone in each ear cup detects environmental noise, and a corresponding sound-cancelling signal is applied.

The ATH-ANC7b, ATH-ANC27 and ATH-ANC25 (SRP: $219.95, $119.95 and $99.95) offer90%, 85% and 80% noise-cancelling performance, respectively. All the head phones can be used with the Apple® iPod®, iPhone™ and iPod touch®, and with portable music and DVD players, laptop computers, in-flight entertainment systems and other devices.

Audio-Technica athanc7b headphones
Courtesy of: Audio-Technica

The ATH-ANC7b and ATH-ANC27 headphones both fold flat for easy storage in their included durable hard shell carrying cases, and the ATH-ANC25 has a compact folding design that takes up minimal luggage space when stored in its handy travel pouch.

All models have a detachable cord, enabling their use as cordless noise-cancelling headphones, and unlike many other noise-cancelling headphones, their audio functions even if their battery runs down, ensuring listeners will never be without their music. All models feature cushioned ear pads and an adjustable headband for long-wearing comfort.

The headphones deliver the clear, natural sound that has made Audio-Technica a favorite with recording engineers, artists and listeners worldwide, with impactful bass, a natural mid-range, extended treble and precise imaging. All models come with an airline adapter, 1/4-inch or 1/8-inch adapters and an AAA battery.

The Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7b, ATH-ANC27 and ATH-ANC25 are currently available at,Audio-Technica’s new, easy- to- use secure online store. They’re also available at other retail stores and online retailers.


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