Sparkling Swarovski Crystal Toilet – Bling Your John

Swarovski Crystal Toilet
Swarovski Crystal Toilet – Let’s Crystal It

“Let’s Crystal It” has done it again. The West Palm Beach Florida company has introduced a toilet unlike any other.

This bling’d out toilet is stunning. It features over 100,000 stunning Swarovski Crystals!

The entire sparkling toilet bowl is covered top to bottom in Swarovski Crystals making it glisten like a disco ball.

Each of the crystals were carefully hand placed on the custom toilet. It was a labor of love and quite the time consuming process.

The process took three “Let’s Crystal It” employees three full weeks, working 40 hours a week. Now that’s dedication.

If you are interested, the price for Swarovski Crystal Toilet is $25,000.

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