Sexy Model Kate Upton Goes Weightlessness for Zero G

sexy model Kate Upton Zero z

Kate Upton is both beautiful and extremely sexy. Since being named Sports Illustrated “Rookie of the Year” in 2011, Kate Upton has had both a wildly successful modeling and acting career.

The new SI Swimsuit edition is out, but just having Kate Upton shot on a sun drenched tropical beach wasn’t enough. Sports Illustrated featured Upton in a tiny bikini while floating in zero-g weightless. For those doubters, the the weightless experience was not simulated.

While floating in zero gravity during a parabolic flight on a custom airplane, 21-year-old model Kate Upton is shown literally suspended in air. Her innocence is evident as she defies gravity while only wearing a gold bikini.

sexy model Kate Upton

Sports Illustrated partnered Florida’s Zero-G Corporation who offers an amazing weightless experience. The plane – G-Force One – is a converted Boeing 727 and allows you to actually feel like an astronaut.

The modified Boeing 727 performs parabolic arcs to create a weightless environment and allows clients to float around, flip and soar just like being in space.

Practice makes perfect, as it’s been reported that curvy Kate Upton actually went up seventeen different times to complete the amazing photo shoot and video. They both definitely turned out beautifully. The filming actually took place last year at the Space Coast Regional Airport at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

M.J. Day is editor of the latest Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and stated, “The ZERO-G experience was really exhilarating for everyone involved. We have been almost everywhere in the past 50 years with SI Swimsuit, but we have never done anything like this. It was certainly the most out-of-the-box shoot. Once again, Kate surprised us all with how she handled modeling in weightlessness.’

The mission of Zero Gravity Corporation is to make the excitement and adventure of space accessible to the public. The company offers the zero-g flights all year-round in cities across the U.S. – Austin, Cape Canaveral, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle.

Zero Gravity is the only company in the world that offers weightless flights for the general public at just a fraction of the cost of suborbital or orbital flights.

Kate Upton also did a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated that was recorded on video. Here it is ….

If you would like to enjoy the thrill of weightless, try the A ZERO-G Experience® which is available beginning at $4,950 per person. Please contact The Life of Luxury and we can assist you with your travel reservations.


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