Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant

Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant is contemporary, and offers a unique mix of internationally influenced cuisine and world-class German Lagers brewed on-site.

The restaurant has a open airy feeling about it. Dark warehouse type with a long open kitchen you can see from just about anywhere in the place. Plenty of large glass windows and a nice patio that is usually packed during warmer times of the year.

Large square bar is packed with a younger crowd. The restaurant section was also filled and several tables seemed to be after work parties. There’s a Private room in the back, that is often filled with parties too.

On tap were Dunkels, Marzen, Hefe, and Golden Export and the special was the Winterhook. The beers are of good quality and the Winterhook is quite tasty.

The food is reasonably priced and all their appetizers and meals will be enjoyed. Service is quick and friendly despite the crowds. Waitress seem to understand the wide variety of beer styles.


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