Jasmine at the Bellagio in Las Vegas

The Bellagio is the home of one of the best restaurants ever conceived in Sin City, managed by the famous oriental chef Phillip Lo.

Jasmine opened in 1998 and it could be the finest oriental style restaurants in all of Las Vegas area.

Chef Philip Lo thinks that his creation is one of the best ever and it is very hard to disagree with him. Jasmine’s interior and decorations are simply fantastic. While seated, every table has a view of the marvelous dancing fountains and also a fantastic view of the strip.

With its sparkling chandeliers, miles of pastel chintz and colorful bursts of flowers, Jasmine is a room built for romance.

So let’s get straight to the food. Jasmine transcends any experience you previously had; the seafood comes highly recommended from almost every single person who eats there.

The menu is also very exotic and mixes Cantonese, Szechwan and Hunan cuisine, from some wild types of clams to the classic shark fin.  The meals come with a very exotic setting as if every dish were decorated according to what you had ordered. They also have a wide range of soups which are great and there is also a great selection of vegetarian dishes so that way everybody will be pleased at dinner.

The deserts are also good but Jasmine’s exclusive chocolate lava cake is a must. The service is also very pleasant and will be at your table every time you want make a consult pr simply ask for another delicious dish.


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