The Golden Solar Egg – A Luxury Sauna Experience in Sweden

Solar Egg - Sweden

Traveling to Sweden can be a wonderful VIP experience. For trying something unique, consider a luxury sauna, named the Solar Egg. What is so cool is that it’s a pop-up sauna, so it can be moved from location to location.

The golden Solar Egg is a solar-powered sauna. The new Solar Egg is equipped with solar panels to provide power for lighting. It can accommodate up to eight individuals. Located in the middles of the sauna room, is a stunning heart-shape, wood burning stove. The inside temperature is warmed to between 167°F and 185°F. The structure stands five meters high and four meters wide. The exterior is made from 69 gold-plated stainless-steel panels. As a result, the panels reflect the city and natural surroundings.

A little history behind this story. The Solar Egg was designed to celebrate the beginning of a transformation to the city of Kiruna in Northern Sweden. As the country’s northernmost town, it has long history but unnerving future. The whole city must be relocate due to the ongoing ground sinking beneath it. The cause is due to many years of iron mineral mining. The move will be about two miles to the east.

Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström are a prize-winning, imaginative couple from Sweden. Together, they created the Solar Egg concept. The unique egg shape symbolizes the resurrection and new future for Kiruna. The sauna symbolizes the sun as a catalyst for creativity, care, expectation, and harmony. In addition, it’s a long-standing custom in Sweden.

The mobile sauna was initially located in Riksbyggen (Luossavaara). It then moved to the banks of a mountainside lake in Nikkaluokta in July. It will remain there until the end of September. After that, it is transported to Paris in November. The goal for the sauna is to be moved to various areas and offer varying perspectives.

Off the Map Travel is a company comprised of travel specialists. They work hard to provide encounters that enable individuals to investigate amazing marvels of the world. The travel company is offering the brilliant Solar Egg sauna experience to any Arctic itinerary, for no extra charge. Wouldn’t it be awesome to enjoy the Northern Lights, then relax in the golden Solar Egg? Now that is truly a VIP experience and what luxury travel is all about!

Solar Egg interior - Sweden

The Solar Egg encounter fits well inside one of the company’s Arctic itineraries. For example, Off the Map Travel offers potential travel experiences that incorporate a stay at Camp Ripan lodging and a visit to its Aurora Spa (with yet another sauna). Consideration the new “Midnight Sun by Rail” program. Travel from Norway to Sweden and enjoy the Arctic’s 24 hours of daylight. Plus, there is the Midnight Sun on Ice itinerary, which incorporates visits to Narvik, Norway as well as the Swedish Lapland.

The Solar Egg can be set up for either Thursday, Friday or Saturday, subject to accessibility. There is a minimal charge for towels, sauna snacks and transport.

The Life of Luxury can offer unique, VIP access and experiences all around the world. Let us know if you want to travel to Sweden and try the golden Solar Egg. Our concierge specialists are ready to assist your luxury travel needs. Return again and read more travel stories in our luxury blog.

Photo: Solar Egg


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