Jack Armstrong “Cosmic X” Art – The Next Big Investment Opportunity

Louvre Museum - Paris, France
Louvre Museum - Paris, France

Art has long been desired for its beauty. Art appeals to each person in a different, personal level. Some art lovers only like the works of a single artist. While others don’t care who created it. It’s one of the facts that makes the wonderful world of art so special.

We have covered modern artist Jack Armstrong in several previous articles. He’s the leader of the Cosmic Extensionalism art movement. Plus, Jack holds the world record for creating the world’s most expensive bike, boots (Cosmic Cowboy Boots) and motorcycle (Cosmic Harley).

Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson custom motorcycle - Jack Armstrong
Cosmic Starship – Custom Harley Davidson – Photo Courtesy: Jack Armstrong – Price: $50 million

But Jack Armstrong is not done yet. He has set his sights on creating the most expensive car – the Armstrong-Bugatti-Cosmic X Art-Car. We reported in July that a world record had been set for the most expensive car. It was a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO car that sold in an auction for $70 Million.

The value of art continues to skyrocket. It has clearly become a sector not just for art collectors, but also investors. According to The Art Market 2018 report, Art Basel and UBS state that in 2017, the “Global art market reaches USD 63.7 billion.” The report states 2017 experienced a 12% increase in sales over the prior year. In addition, China surpassed the UK as the world’s second largest art market, behind only the U.S. The top three countries clearly dominate the art industry. The U.S., China, and the UK represented a whopping 83% of total sales by value.

While art galleries so modest year-over-year growth rate of just 4%, online sales are booming! A new record high was established in 2017 with USD $5.4 billion in sales. That value represents 8% of the global art market by value.

By using third party online platforms, consumers and investors can purchase direct from their favorite artist or from anywhere in the world. As a result, both art galleries and auction houses have seen their online sales volume increase. For example, it was reported that in 2017, 45% of online gallery buyers were new to their business.

What is undeniable, is art sells and it can sell for big money. The price appreciation for many pieces of art can be quite staggering.

In 1973, the National Gallery of Art in Australia purchased “Blue Poles” by American artist Jackson Pollock. The modern abstract painting was bought slightly over 1 Million dollars in Australian currency. Today, that painting is conservatively estimated between 300 million and possibly over 1 Billion dollars!

Blue Poles - Jackson Pollock painting
Photo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Poles

Orange Red Yellow” is a painting by Mark Rothko. He had social revolutionary views and believed in an artist’s total freedom of expression. His painting sold in 2012 for an eye-popping $87 million. At the time, it set a new record for post-war/contemporary art.

The world record at an auction is Leonardo Da Vinci’sSalvator Mundi” painting. It sold for an astonishing $450 Million in 2017. Read more here:


Jack Armstrong personally knew Jean-Michel Basquiat, who was a Neo-Expressionist painter in the 1980’s. In May of 2017, one his paintings landed him in the record books. His “Untitled” painting set the record for most expensive painting ever sold at an auction by an American artist. The total auction price including fees totaled $110.5 million. Andy Warhol previously held that title when his “Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster)” painting sold for $105 million in 2013.

Grégoire Billault is the head of the Contemporary Art Department at Sotheby’s New York and was quoted, “Tonight, Jean – Michel Basquiat entered the pantheon of artists whose works have commanded prices over $100 million, including Picasso, Giacometti, Bacon, and Warhol. This extraordinary canvas from 1982 has broken so many benchmarks … but those of us lucky enough to have been in it’s presence will only remember its awesome power. To think that it was created by a virtually – unknown 21- year old & was dismissed by critics, is humbling.”

Untitled - Jean-Michel Basquiat painting
1982 ‘Untitled’ By Basquiat – Sold for $110 Million

What is so appealing about the creative works of Cosmic artist Jack Armstrong, is the limited number of his paintings. There are only 100 paintings in existence. Each acrylic on canvas painting is multi-layered but also includes his personal touch. You can find his hand prints, finger prints, plus DNA in each painting.

Jack also knew and worked with Andy Warhol. In 2001, he painted “Warhol Naked.” This incredible piece of art is a touching tribute to his friend Andy. Jack has stated that one the proudest moments in his life was being dubbed “the last wizard of art” by Warhol himself.

Warhol Naked painting - Jack Armstrong
“Warhol Naked” – Now Offered at $110 Million

But the largest and most complex painting Jack Armstrong ever painted is titled “The Last Wizard.” The colorful painting is 6 feet by 4 feet in size. It’s his largest painting, but also showcases his complete mastery of the Cosmic X art form. The very one he personally founded.”

Jack Armstrong states, “In the future “The Last Wizard” will break the records of his peers, but the power of all these larger than life works will remain as the signposts that signaled the future of art.”

Armstrong continues, “I feel the same way about “The Last Wizard” as Pollock must have felt about his painting “Blue Poles”, “Guernica” to Picasso, “Orange” by Rothko, and “Untitled” by Basquiat.”

The Last Wizard - Jack Armstrong painting
“The Last Wizard” – Now Offered at $110 Million

In addition, artist Jack Armstrong has taken over the Big Apple. Running around the clock is an electronic “visual art” campaign in New York City’s famous Times Square. Read more here:

Jack Armstrong Art - Times Square, New York City, Ripley's Museum bigscreen

We strongly feel that the creative collection of Cosmic Extensionalism art will definitely continue to rise in value. Therefore, whether you are a collector of art or an investor, his creative works should be on your radar.


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We hope you enjoyed our article on the rapidly growing art industry and Cosmic X artist, Jack Armstrong. Be sure to return soon and follow our popular, global art and luxury digital magazine.


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