The Guitar Collection – View Visually Stunning, Famous Guitars

The Guitar Collection

The Guitar Collection is an impressive multi-volume package that showcases the world’s most elite guitars. This collector’s limited edition by Walter Carter and Epic Ink is part music documentary, as well as part photographic odyssey.

The incredible Guitar Collection is packaged in a custom-made leather guitar-style case and includes various luxurious components.

The Guitar Collection professionally showcases the most culturally important, historically significant, and visually stunning guitars ever made. A must for any music lover, The Guitar Collection features high-definition, state-of-the-art original digital photography.

A small sample of some of the world’s most famous guitars include: Eric Clapton’s “Blackie”, Buddy Holly’s Gibson J-45 with its hand-tooled cover, plus other iconic instruments played by Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Emmylou Harris, Keith Richards, and even Kurt Cobain.

This phenomenal limited edition is clearly the ultimate gift and a chance to own a piece of rock ‘n roll history.

the guitar collection case
The Guitar Collection

· At its heart is The Guitar Collection: An Elite Gathering of 150 Exceptional Guitars (512 pages, over 670 original images, 23″ wide X 11.25″ tall, bound in a custom-made leather case). Weighing over 20 pounds and featuring state-of-the-art photography from today’s finest photographers, this lavish volume spotlights the guitars in all their glory.

· Under any other circumstances, The Guitar Collection: Stories (192 pages, over 180 photographs) would be considered an exceptional illustrated book unto itself. As part of The Guitar Collection, however, it plays a supporting role, supplementing the “big book” with a treasure trove of pictures, information, and anecdotes about each of the featured guitars to satisfy even the most ardent enthusiast.

· Each of the three limited editions of The Guitar Collection is packaged with a full-color signed museum-quality chromalin print of one of three guitars from the collection.

The Guitar Collection also features the less showy instruments that have played a pivotal role in the evolution of the guitar, including a rare Stradivarius dating back to 1700. Selected from over 1,500 candidates, each of these 150 priceless guitars is singularly significant.


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