Exclusive Art Triptych by Famous Artist Jack Armstrong

Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson - Jack Armstrong

Are you an avid art collector or simply want to own a special piece of art? Well the incredible, Art Triptych collection by famous artist Jack Armstrong should be on your radar. We are proud to have written about Mr. Armstrong’s iconic Cosmic Cowboy Boots in April.

The Art Triptych collection by modern artist Jack Armstrong consists of three works of art. All are originals. Mr. Armstrong is the current owner of the Cosmic Harley. In addition to the custom painted motorcycle, the art collection includes two seminal paintings.  The group or Art Triptych can be purchased for $470 million.


Jack Armstrong was quoted, “Each of the 3 Objects listed, were the seminal moments in the history of the art form I created – Cosmic Extensionalism.” Jack continues, “Cosmic Extensionalism is the style I paint in and is more than a new school of art. It is everything I dreamed possible long ago.” He adds, “I feel the same way about the ‘Cosmic Starship Harley’ and the ‘Cosmic Firebird’ painting’ Both works of art standing alongside Warhol Naked will always define me and the art creation: which is: Cosmic Extensionalism.”

Furthermore, Jack Armstrong says, “All 3 objects of my art are each the reflection of the same dream, and the same artistic truth. Through Warhol and all the visionary artists that came before him, I understood that to be the best, you simply could not conform or alter your vision, to please a dealer or a buyer of my work. Because the conformity would have ‘destroyed’ the unique imagination behind the masterpiece.”

The Art Triptych is now being offered as the 3 most important works by Cosmic ‘X’ artist – Jack Armstrong!


Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson custom motorcycle - Jack Armstrong
Cosmic Starship – Custom Harley Davidson – Price: $50 million

This Harley Davidson V-Rod motorcycle was purchased new by Jack Armstrong in 2009. It is the very first, plus most iconic motorcycle ever painted by an artist. The photos are stunning enough, but to see it in person is truly a VIP experience. The Cosmic Starship was originally sold in August of 2012. The custom painted Harley motorcycle has been carefully stored in a climate controlled vault. Therefore, it is in pristine condition.

Due to its uniqueness at the time, the interest to see it was overwhelming. Over the years, the Cosmic Starship has been written about and covered by the media in every country in the world, including isolated North Korea. To this day, the interest by the world press continues as strong as ever. Mr. Armstrong has received countless requests around the globe for viewing exhibitions. Jack states, “I have turned down every request, so it will remain both iconic and pristine.”


Warhol Naked painting - Jack Armstrong
Warhol Naked – Price: $300 million

Painted in 2001 by Jack Armstrong, “Warhol Naked” is a beautiful piece of modern art. The acrylic painting on canvas measures 24″ by 36″. Jack personally new Andy Warhol. Therefore, the painting is a tribute and a celebration of his friendship with Andy. One the proudest moments in Jack’s life so far is when Warhol called him “the Last Wizard of Art.” This happened in 1985, prior to Warhol’s sad death 1987. Jack considers this painting as his “finest work.”


The Last Wizard - Jack Armstrong painting
“The Last Wizard” – Price: $120 Million

The largest and most complex painting Jack Armstrong ever painted is titled ““The Last Wizard”.” This colorful and visually brilliant, acrylic on canvas painting is 6 feet by 4 feet in size. Not only is it his largest painting, but also showcases his complete mastery of the Cosmic X art form. The very one Armstrong personally founded in 1999.

Armstrong is quoted, “I feel the same way about “The Last Wizard” as Pollock must have felt about his painting “Blue Poles”, “Guernica” to Picasso, “Orange” by Rothko, and “Untitled” by Basquiat. In the future ‘The Last Wizard’ will break the records of his peers, but the power of all these larger than life works will remain as the signposts that signaled the future of art.”


Cosmic Firebird painting - Jack Armstrong
Cosmic Firebird – Price: $30 million

His Cosmic Firebird painting was both the mascot, as well as center piece for a ballet titled the “Cosmic Firebird Dance Concert.” The ballet was held at The Rose Centre Theatre on April 2, 2011. This gorgeous acrylic painting on canvas measures 48″ by 48″.  Update: Chinese billionaire and art collector Jack Ma purchased the “Cosmic Firebird” painting for $30 million.


Owning just one or all three pieces (Art Triptych) would be special. All three are Jack Armstrong originals. They are irreplaceable and part of legacy to date of Jack Armstrong’s work. Once sold, they will no longer be assembled together again. This is your chance, don’t miss out. Contact us today.

There is no way to predict the future value of these incredible art pieces. But any investor who does invest in them, will be generously rewarded down the road. It’s not inconceivable that this unique Art Triptych collection could reach a staggering $500 million or more. Wow!

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Photos: Courtesy of Jack Armstrong


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