Enjoy National Vodka Day with GREY GOOSE Martini

GREY GOOSE Original Dirty Martini cocktail

Each year since 2009, October 4th has been celebrated as National Vodka Day. Although not an official holiday, it’s a great reason to celebrate socialize with friends and family.

At bars and pubs, mixologists are likely dreaming about great, vodka cocktail recipes. One important ingredient should be a top vodka, such as GREY GOOSE. Try a GREY GOOSE Martini and so if you get hooked!

A martini is one of the most iconic cocktails in the world. The word itself immediately conveys classy and sophistication to most people. A martini has a unique taste and has been a favorite of Hollywood actor Humphrey Bogart and even James Bond.

A classic martini can be modified by personalizing it. Make your own GREY GOOSE Martini and experiment with vermouth to create either a wet or dry martini. You can also alter the type of bitters or even the drink’s garnish. Try different martini cocktail variations and see which one you like best.

Here’s a great tasting, martini cocktail recipe from GREY GOOSE:


– GREY GOOSE® Original – 2 Parts
– NOILLY PRAT® Original French Dry Vermouth – 2 Parts
– Mediterranean Olives – qty 4
– Mediterranean Olive Brine – ⅔ Part
– Mediterranean Olives – qty 2 Garnish

– Pit four olives and muddle with the olive brine into the base of an iconic, Boston glass.
– Add GREY GOOSE and Noilly Prat.
– Top it with cubed ice and then stir.
– Fine strain into your chilled, cocktail glass.
– Garnish your drink with a pair of Mediterranean (pref Lucques) olives on a GREY GOOSE pick.

GREY GOOSE vodka, vermouth, and ice, all loosely strained into a Martini glass. Let more of the muddled olive pieces into the glass if you like yours a little dirtier.

GREY GOOSE vodka is made using a private process that’s designed to produce the high standard vodka that GREY GOOSE is recognized for. Their vodka is made from the finest soft wheat, grown in the Picardy region of France. As it transforms into a high-proof spirit, it’s blended with spring water that’s been filtered through limestone.

Each batch of GREY GOOSE vodka goes through greater than 550 daily quality control checks to ensure the highest quality. The entire distillation process is overseen by Maître de Chai, François Thibault. He also personally tastes and approves each batch.

Celebrate National Vodka Day in style with a delicious tasting, vodka cocktail – GREY GOOSE Martini. If you like reading about your popular spirits and cocktail recipes, then follow our popular luxury blog. We’ll keep you updated with the latest beverage industry news.



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