A Great Tasting Martini Is Pure Heaven

Martini cocktail

Nothing says you have arrived than drinking a fine martini? Have you every noticed how wonderful you feel when you are drinking one with your friends or business colleagues?

The Martini cocktail is not just a drink – it’s a bartending mystery. The origination of a martini is still not fully known. It seems that everything about the Martini is up for debate – its history, its ingredients, its preparation, even its folklore.

The sleek, sexy cylinder reaching up to cup a sexy, upside-down skirt-shaped figure tends to almost have a seductive look. And certainly when you hold this pretty lady, you are instantly drawn into a festive party mood.

The stylish martini glass is in a class of its own. Its elegant and refined style makes it the most popular choice when it comes to glassware and barware in the world.

Do you feel like the popular cliche image known by most when holding a martini glass served with green olives? Well now you have many choices it seems when it comes to martini cocktails, adding maraschino cherries, lemons, limes, oranges and chocolate to the mix.

Serving a great tasting martini requires a special mixture of ingredients. The most popular way to serve this type of cocktail is with an olive. However, many are now experimenting with chocolate, cherries and even citrus fruit. There are no engraved rules.

What is the best way to serve a martini? Some like it shaken and others prefer it stirred in a chilled glass. In the past, the drink was served as a mixture of gin and white vermouth.

A very chilled martini glass still applies when serving the martini cocktail. Ask any bartender and they will tell you that the colder it is, the more delicious it will taste.

Even though the ingredients seem to be changing as people discover new ways to serve a delicious martini, the manner of serving them in frosty glass will never change. Bartenders admit that the secret to a perfect cocktail is to use a shaker and always keep the glass ice cold.

Most bartenders use stainless steel shakers as the mixing tool of choice. Once all the ingredients are added, the bartender shakes the mixes together and out comes a ready-made martini perfect for any occasion.

Mixing the ingredients together in a shaker is a great way to blend the ingredients together. However, most bartenders will tell you that vigorously shaking the contents releases oxygen into the cocktail giving it a finer and smoother taste.

Some say one of the best-kept secrets to making a great tasting cocktail is to never let the drink turn warm. This is why they are always served in an ice-chilled glass.


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