Voli Light Vodkas – Enjoy a Fergalicious Cocktail

The Rachael Ray Show - Fergie
The Rachael Ray Show

Grammy Award winning artist Fergie recently announced her partnership and part-ownership of Voli Light Vodkas.

With great tasting Voli Light Vodkas, now you can channel your inner pop star and re-create these Fergalicious cocktails with !

To help promote Fergie new venture, the celebrity singer appeared on The Rachael Ray Show, and created her own cocktails and mixed them herself!

Voli Light Vodka is the world’s first low-calorie fruit and fusion flavored vodka. Voli Light Vodkas are on average 25% to 40% lower in calories than leading brands, include natural electrolytes, and while they are flavored, they are sugar-free!

Voli Light Vodkas’ natural ingredients achieve the perfect balance of natural fruit flavors and vodka distilled from superior French wheat and pure spring water. Voli’s fusion flavors are multiple fruit flavors masterfully blended together in perfect proportion to create tastes and aromas unlike any other.

Voli Light Vodka flavors include:

  • Voli Lyte- an impeccably smooth vodka with a light finish
  • Voli Lemon- a strong, zesty citrus flavor paired with a mellow verbena taste
  • Voli Espresso Vanilla- an awakening coffee aroma with vanilla and just a hint of sweet cocoa
  • Voli Raspberry Cocoa- a heavenly blend of raspberry and cocoa that’s just sweet enough
  • Voli Orange Vanilla- an orange and vanilla swirl that results in a delightful creamsicle flavor

Estimated retail price is $19.99 per bottle and is sold and served nationwide – Affordable and calorically conscious, what more could you ask for? In a world where things add up, it’s nice to subtract.

Below are several delicious cocktails with  Voli Light Vodka:


Bar Tools Needed: Boston shaker, measuring cup, strainer, pressure juicer, martini glass

-Voli Lyte Vodka
-Cut Green Pepper
-Lime Juice
-Handful of Basil
-Organic stevia/no-calorie sweetener
-Salt and pepper for martini rim


-Step 1: Take a handful of the green pepper and put into the shaker. Muddle the green pepper. Add in a handful of basil to the muddled green pepper. (Tearing the bunch of basil in half. No need to further muddle)
-Step 2: Add 2 oz of Voli Lyte
-Step 3: Add 1 oz Lime Juice
-Step 4: Add 1 package of organic stevia or no-calorie sweetener
-Step 5: Rim the martini glass with black pepper and salt mix
-Step 6: Mix, shake and strain into the martini glass
-Step 7: Pull a piece of basil from the bundle, smack the basil in your hand to release the oils and natural flavors and garnish the cocktail with the basil on top.


Voli light vodkas cocktail


Bar tools needed: Boston Shaker, measuring cup, strainer, rocks glass


-Voli Espresso Vanilla

-1 shot of Espresso
-Coffee Beans

-Organic stevia/no-calorie sweetener

-Step 1: Pour 1.5 oz of Voli Espresso Vanilla into the tin
-Step 2: Add 1 Shot of Espresso
-Step 3: Add 1 Packet of organic stevia or no-calorie sweetener
-Step 4: Add ice to a rocks glass
-Step 5: Mix, shake and strain into the rocks glass



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