Relax and Enjoy Cocktails at Mulberry Project pop-up at La Zebra Hotel

Mulberry Project - La Zebra

You’re on a tropical beach overlooking the warm waters of the Caribbean. It’s time for a drink. Enjoy your favorite cocktail at the new Mulberry Project pop-up at Colibri Boutique Hotels’ beachside La Zebra hotel in Tulum, Mexico.

Colibri Boutique Hotels collection consists of five properties in Tulum, Mexico (La Zebra, El Pez, Mi Amor, Mezzanine) and Little Corn Island, Nicaragua (Yemaya Island Hideaway and Spa). Designed for relaxation, the “Barefoot Chic” collection includes Found behind the La Zebra hotel is the Mulberry Project “rustic chic” bar. The Mulberry Project is recognized for pioneering the bespoke cocktail concept.

Enjoy life and try a personalized cocktail experience. The mixologists are using the best tequila, rum and mezcal to create delicious cocktails. The pop-up bar on the beach is fun atmosphere where you can order your own unique drink. Don’t get stuck ordering off a menu. First select your liquor base, then choose ingredients that suggested on a chalkboard. Mix and match and get creative!

You can choose from market-fresh fruit, delish vegetables, plus various herbs and spices that are available that particular day.

Next, decide on the type of cocktail you enjoy drinking. Maybe refreshing or sweet? How about spicy and tropical? Or what about dry, bitter, smoky, herbal and many more?

Once you have decided, the talented mixologists are ready to create your ideal bespoke drink. How fun is that?

Jasper Soffer is both the founder and co-owner of the original speakeasy, found in New York City’s Little Italy. Soffer also created the Mulberry Project. He was quoted, “We don’t believe in boredom. We want to surprise you and please you at the same time. We’ll give you a cocktail you’ve probably never had before, something that fits with the magic that is Tulum. In fact, your second cocktail may be something entirely different.”

Since you are in Mexico, how about smoky mezcal concoction? Try some local, Mexican ingredients such as mole bitters.

Under the direction of talented Chef Eleazar Bonilla, you can try these delicious cocktails at the La Zebra’s restaurant. Enjoy local cuisine and a great selection of drinks.

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We hope come back soon to follow this luxury blog. Travel to Mexico and try awesome cocktails at the Mulberry Project.

Photo: La Zebra


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