Tryst – Wynn Hotel

From the moment you descend the marble staircase leading to Tryst, the nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas, it becomes evident that a decidedly unique nightlife experience awaits you.

At the base of the stairs is a lounge, complete with its own DJ booth, tables and couches, walls covered almost completely by hundreds of framed mirrors. But it is the plush red velvet walls of a hall beyond that beckon you to enter the waiting nightclub.

As you emerge from the hall, prepare to have your breath taken away, as you find yourself immediately captivated by the club’s centerpiece – a 94-foot waterfall, rising above Tryst’s private oasis.

Tryst seems even larger with the waterfall as the centerpiece of the action. The falling water makes you want to dance the night away and have a few too many drinks.

The club itself is awash in rich, dark chocolate and red tones, with alligator-skin booths and elegant marble tables. Lush velvet is found everywhere – walls, draperies, and especially in the VIP champagne room, which is all red velvet and sensual crimson lighting, centered by a pole dancing stage.

A dark-tiled dance floor in the center of the club opens out onto the patio, extending 15 feet over the water outside. Plush, vanilla-colored seating lines the patio, which wraps around the semicircular lagoon. Exclusive seating and beds are available right next to the spectacular waterfall.

The crowd is generally more upscale as the Wynn Las Vegas clientele frequent this hot spot. The dance floor is sizeable and there are three bars around the club to keep you hydrated.

Gorgeous cocktail servers in alluring attire serve the needs of patrons enjoying bottle service, which is available from about $300, at one of the club’s 84 tables. There are also two bars in the main club area and one in the champagne room, so libations are never far away. Tryst also offers specialty drinks and a limited selection of high-end cigars.
Review by: PJ Perez


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