Paradise Taveuni Resort in Fiji

Paradise Taveuni
Courtesy of: Paradise Taveuni

Fiji is a tropical wonder in the Pacific Ocean. The island allure and native friendly smiles enhance the natural beauty of this tropical paradise.

The beautiful beaches, blue-green lagoons and swaying palm trees will seduce you and the local Fijians will greet and embrace you as a friend.

Whether it’s romance, soft adventure or a family holiday you’re looking for, there’s an array of quality mainland and island accommodation to suit all your travel tastes and budgets.

Fiji was known for a long time, that it’s a perfect place for couples to enjoy a trip of a lifetime. But the situation quickly changes when you book a vacation with Paradise Taveuni resort. Book a five or ten night stay there, and you’re signing a contract with happiness. As a bonus, you will carry home memories that you will both enjoy until you come back next year.

Staying in the new bures (Fijian houses) is a great experience on its own because of the cozy and intimate atmosphere. If you are staying in a water front bure, then enjoy a relaxing sunset while sipping a well blended cocktail.

Try a four wheel drive excursion and explore the surroundings through a guided tour. If you are looking for more excitement then go to the deep blue water.

Take a free shore scuba diving lesson. If you like it, then go ahead and sign up for a full course. Being underwater watching these beautiful corals, clams and various types of fish is an exhilarating experience that you do not want to miss. Imagine scuba diving with your partner and the number of memorable stories that you will keep telling forever.

Enjoy a short snorkel where you can get the essence of diving with a hint of what you can see under water. More adrenaline pumping activities like jet skiing and speed boats are available.

Couples can enjoy an outdoor shower under the stars in your own garden or maybe go to the abandoned beach and enjoy hours of privacy on this marvelous beach. It is truly a perfect choice for couples of all ages. Enjoy a full day of fun in perfect scenery and full privacy.

There’s nothing better than a pampering massage session. You can take a full body massage session with your partner including aromatherapy. It is the perfect way to end a vacation.

For more information regarding Paradise Taveuni Resort in Fiji, talk to our luxury travel specialists.


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