UltraLuxum CXL Luxury Trimaran – New “Silver” Version

UltraLuxum CXL Silver luxury trimaran yacht
UltraLuxum CXL Trimaran

UltraLuxum Yachting launches a new “silver” version of the UltraLuxum CXL luxury trimaran.

ULTRALUXUM CXL is a “futuristic and realistic vision of architecture, comfort, energy saving and performances, through a variable-geometry luxury Sailing Yacht”.Conceptulised by Jean-François Ruchonnet, the Ultraluxum CXL is a 48-metre fast cruising sailing trimaran, which is set to start construction soon at the TAMSEN MARITIM SHIPYARD in Rostock, Germany.

The technical specifications and the general design of the new “silver” version of the UltraLuxum CXL luxury trimaran remain the same.

The Ultraluxum CX  measure more than 48 metres of carbon fiber. This ultra-performing trimaran is based on advanced naval architectural research and the use of high-end technologies.

The CXL is the first sailing trimaran of this size to be equipped with folding hull beams; the overall width is going from 23m in sailing configuration to 11m in harbour configuration. Design took a number of factors into consideration, as hydro and aerodynamic research, speed performance, ergonomics and layout.

UltraLuxum CXL Silver luxury trimaran yacht
UltraLuxum CXL Trimaran

Exterior and naval architecture by Coste Design & Partners let guests enjoy a shaded lounging area towards the aft, which is connected to the interior salon via a sliding door, the opportunity to sunbath on either side of a Jacuzzi and to dine amidships. The Trimaran also includes scuba diving equipment and other water toys, which are stored in Lazarette compartments towards the transom.

The interior, which is the result of a collaboration between Coste Design & Partners and UltraLuxum owner Jessica Sbaraglia, offers an en suite owners cabin, two guest cabins with en suite and a crew cabin. The three deck sloop rigged trimaran will be constructed using a sandwich Epoxy resin and carbon/PU foam using an under vacuum infusion process.

The main sail is 360msq when fully battened, and thanks to an optional hybrid system with electric engines, a maximum speed of 15 knots can be achieved when not under sail. The yacht will be built following the requirements of the WoodForever foundation under the patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco.

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