Top 10 Luxury Cars

What luxury car we drive often tells the world more about us than we think. Do you sit behind the wheel of a fast, sporty vehicle or ride in comfort in a timeless classic car? As 2008 begins zooming forward, let’s take a look at what are the top 10 luxury cars from

As people shopped for luxury cars on during 2007, they looked into the future for a taste of what they desire. During the fourth quarter, three vehicles not even on sale yet were among the top 10 most researched luxury vehicles on the site.

Two of the future models, the 2009 BMW M3 and 2009 Jaguar XF , were ranked No. 1 and No. 3, respectively. The third ’09 model, Audi’s upcoming remake of its best-selling A4 Sedan, earned sixth place in the popularity contest for October, November, and December, despite not going on sale until the fall.

The remaining entries on the Forbes’ latest list of vehicles most researched on were consistent with those choices from prior periods.  Full article


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