2015 F-TYPE Coupe “The Art of Villainy” Film from Jaguar

2015 Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe

The much anticipated 2015 F-TYPE Coupe from luxury car maker Jaguar goes on sale this May 2014. To celebrate the new luxury sedan, Jaguar has just released a new film titled – “The Art of Villainy”.

The film stars Tom Hiddleston who is a famous British actor. This new, online film continues the “British Villains” campaign from Jaguar as it nears its exciting launch of the 2015 F-TYPE Coupe. The two minute film showcases the luxurious Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe, as well as promotes Jaguar’s bespoke hashtag #GoodToBeBad.

The “British Villains” campaign from luxury car brand Jaguar, plays on the theme that the British are the best villains in popluar films. Jaguar’s “Rendezvous” ad first aired during Super Bowl XLVIII and starred Sir Ben Kingsley, Hiddleston and Mark Strong. “Rendezvous” is still a huge hit for Jaguar USA with almost 12 million views on YouTube.

The clever “The Art of Villainy” film begins with Tom Hiddleston driving the brand new 2015 F-TYPE Coupe from jaguar, and listening to John of Gaunt recite the classic Richard II by William Shakespeare. The film ends as Hiddleston quotes another famous Richard II quote while he drive through the streets of London – “This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.”

Jaguar has long been a premier manufacturer of both luxury sedans and sports cars and the 2015 F-TYPE Coupe will definitely continue their legacy. It’s definitely a choice for those you desire a VIP lifestyle.

Jeff Curry, who is the Brand Vice President for Jaguar North America was quoted, “Tom continues to develop his very popular character and create a meaningful impact for the brand.”

In addition to the new “Art of Villainy” online film,Jaguar introduces four 30-second videos showcasing the luxurious features of the new 2015 F-TYPE Coupe luxury car. The four videos are titled, “Sound Like a Villain,” “Drive Like a Villain,” how to have “Villainous Style,” and the reason it is always important “Have a Plan.”

To get more information on the new 2015 F-TYPE Coupe from Jaguar or make plans to purchase one, please contact The Life of Luxury. Stay on top of the latest luxury car news by following our luxury blog.


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