Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Ferrari’s 599 GTB Fiorano was an all-new model for 2007, and only about 250 will be made per year by hand. Its engine is the same 6.0L V12 screaming beast that is found in the Enzo. Putting out 612 horsepower and redlining at 8,400 rpm, it also does 448 pound-feet of torque, almost all of which is available at only 3,500 rpm. Mash it, and all 12 cylinders let out a roaring melody, pushing you toward 60 mph in three and a half seconds. Take your foot off the pedal, and the motor unwinds in a series of sweet backfire pops, reminding you just how closely related this engine is to its racing parentage.

The drivetrain is a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive setup, with the engine and transmission mounted very close in-board-so much so, Ferrari calls the 599 a front-mid engine design. The “SuperFast” paddle-controlled transmission is a new six-speed clutchless manual. It’s faster than ever, changing gears in about 100 milliseconds. Stopping the car are big vented discs all around. Opt for the race-derived carbon-ceramic disc brakes, and the Fiorano gets six-piston calipers up front, the ability to stop from 60 mph in 105 feet, and a loss of 30 pounds. All for the price of a Honda Civic.

Supporting the car is a new magnetic-fluid suspension system. Developed in cooperation with Delphi, the fluid can change viscosity when electric charge is passed through it. This system allows minute adjustments in suspension firmness many times a second, resulting in virtually no body lean and endless grip on just about every kind of paved road. This type of suspension also allows for more user control.

A steering wheel-mounted “manettino” knob allows the driver to literally dial in how much driving help he or she wants. The suspension can be set more or less firm, the engine redline can be altered, the throttle response can be increased, and the shift speed made faster. The Fiorano includes a very intelligent race car-derived traction and stability control system that is adept enough to actually improve lap times. The responsiveness of these systems can also be altered according to the driver’s preferences.

Going fast is important in any Ferrari, but in the Fiorano, it means going fast very comfortably. Inside, the power-adjustable seats have high bolsters and are trimmed in supple leather. A leather-wrapped dashboard, leather covered console, and a leather steering wheel accompany the seats, and even the door trim and headliner are leather. Ferrari will outfit this leather interior in as many as 14 colors. And despite the preponderance of Ferraris painted Corsa red, there are 15 other colors to choose from. If that’s not enough, for just under $6,000, Ferrari will paint your Fiorano in a color of your choice.

If you prefer carbon fiber over leather, choose a carbon fiber package, and the doors, shifter, dash and steering wheel’s leather are replaced with the lightweight material. Front and rear parking sensors are available for $2,069, and a navigation system can be had for $2,361.


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