Through the Years With Tiffany Luxury Jewelry

Tiffany Jewelry

Tiffany and Co. Jewelers was founded upon the idea of providing high end goods to people of discerning taste who demanded luxury and quality in the products that they purchased.

Tiffany’s products, which include things like beautiful diamonds, silver jewelry, handcrafted silver gifts, tableware and other fine goods continues to attract modern customers, just as they have done since the days Tiffany and Co opened its doors.

Charles Lewis Tiffany – The King of Diamonds

Charles Lewis Tiffany, nicknamed “The King of Diamonds” and business partner John B. Young set up shop in the first Tiffany & Young store in 1837. The famous store, located in New York City on Broadway, the store was original created to be stationary store. Tiffany took over the store, renaming it Tiffany and Co and moved the business towards the high end products with which it is associated today.

Silver Goods and Jewelry

The beautiful silver jewelry pieces from the early days of Tiffany are so classic in their craftmanship and design that many of the original pieces are still sold in some form today. Antique Tiffany pieces that are still in that famous, original light blue boxes can fetch huge money at estate sales and online auctions. The light blue color packaging continues to be the calling card symbol of jewelry from Tiffany & Co.

Some of the goods and products that could be purchased at Tiffany & Co. early in the company’s career include many different silver jewelry pieces, monogrammed sets for dressers, presentation bowls, silver cups and saucers designed for children, silver trays for business cards, men’s dressing sets and silver game pieces. One especially popular item from the late 1800s was the souvenir spoons made Tiffany & Co. and copied by many other manufacturers.

Tiffany Jewelry And Tiffany Lampshades

In 1902, the Tiffany Art Jewelry portion of the store was opened as a means for displaying the jewelry and enamel craftwork of Louis Comfort Tiffany, heir to the Tiffany throne. Louis Tiffany was also the brains behind some of the most famous Tiffany styles, including Tiffany stained glass lampshades. In 1940, Tiffany and Co moved from Broadway to its world famous modern location at Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan.

The name Tiffany & Co. is associated with timeless and classic luxury items. Today, much of Tiffany’s business comes through catalog and Internet based sales, which have helped spread the Tiffany brand name around the world and made the dream of owning a piece of Tiffany jewelry realizable no matter where you live.

Author: Ernst Ralborg


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