Royal Ashoka Watch Collection from Backes & Strauss

Backes & Strauss - Royal Ashoka watch

Backes & Strauss is the world’s oldest diamond company, established in 1789 and is proud to introduce the Royal ASHOKA Collection, which is a new line of one-of-a-kind luxury timepieces.

This new luxury watch collection combines exceptional ASHOKA diamonds from William Goldberg with fine watchmaking for the first time.

The Royal Ashoka watch collection’s inaugural piece was unveiled last week at the World Presentation of Haute Horlogerie. This stunning luxury watch features no fewer than 92 ASHOKA cut diamonds, 131 Ideal Cut diamonds and two baguette cut

diamonds. The diamond total 225 signifies one diamond for every year Backes & Strauss has been in existence. The total weight of diamonds used in the watch totals 26.21 carats.

The inspiration for the new Royal Ashoka watch is from the legendary Ashoka the Great, who during the third century BC was the ruler of India’s Maurya dynasty. Ashoka the Great ruled with love, respect and compassion for his subjects. He gave up war and focused on Buddhism as his way of life. He spread the Buddhism doctrine across all of Asia, establishing monuments to Gautama Buddha.

No hundreds of years after Ashoka’s death in 232 BC, his name lives on as a 41.37 carat, D color, internally flawless diamond that was pulled from a mine in India. Each ASHOKA can be executed only from diamonds that meet the exacting specifications of the Goldberg family.

The stunning ASHOKA® diamond cut features 62 displayed facets and rounded corners.

CEO of Backes & Strauss – Vartkess Knadjian was quoted, “William Goldberg and Backes & Strauss both share a deep appreciation for handcrafted precision and challenging their craftsmen at the highest level. The result of this meeting of masters is a collection of timepieces so intricate they are masterpieces inside and out.”

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