The Divine Chair – Not Just a Piece of Furniture, But Also a Piece of Art

Divine chair
Divine Chair

Designer Kitty McBride masterfully updates vintage chairs with modern fabrics. The result is the Divine Chair.

Kitty cleverly takes vintage chairs and treats each of them to a personalized “chair-lift.”

McBride weaves new fabrics together with her own creativity, style, and deep passion for green living to create her one-of-a-kind art forms at The Divine Chair.

Each of the beautiful fabrics are hand-picked by Kitty and her goal is to match and accentuate the distinct features of each chair.

These incredible designer chairs are quite unique and you will not find the same chair anywhere else in the world. In addition to an individualized dressing session, each Divine Chair is given its own name to designate its own unique identity.

The Divine Chair has become a popular decor choice of the affluent. Some of the well known owners of Kitty McBride’s Divine Chair include: P-Diddy, Chef Amanda Frietag, Cassie Ventura, as well as Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine.

So if you are looking for a definite conversation piece consisting of both furniture and art, then consider the Divine Chair.

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