Luxury Safes by Buben & Zorweg – Protect Your Prized Possessions

Buben & Zorweg - One-77 luxury safe

Buben & Zorweg exemplifies ultimate luxury at its best and this year, the luxury brand celebrates two decades in the global luxury business.

The company began in 1995 when best friends Harald Buben and Christian Zörweg started offering luxuriously crafted watch winders to both encase and care for self-winding watches.

Keeping your expensive belongings safe and secure is a top priority. People use safes for a variety of reasons such as a fine watch or jewelry collection, gold bars, stock certificates, sports memorabilia collection and more. Buben & Zorweg is a world leader in bespoke, luxury safes to both safeguard and savoir your prized possessions.

What sets luxury safes from Buben & Zorweg apart from others is their goal of utilizing the early 20th century Art Deco era to incorporate luxury materials and expert craftsmanship into timeless objects of beauty.

Since the company was formed, they have been serving the most discerning and demanding clients from around the world, including CEOs, royalty, movie & music celebrities, sports stars and more!

Christian Zörweg was quoted, “We’re thrilled to mark our 20th anniversary. True luxury is to be found in the details and Buben & Zorweg is rarefied luxury at its best. We invest thought into every detail – from searching far and wide to hand select rare macassar ebony with the perfect grain and colour, to the way the doors of the Buben & Zorweg Object of Time Aston Martin One77 glide open and close remotely at the touch of a button.”

Buben & Zorweg is currently developing their Agartos timepiece with a bespoke color aluminium wood chassis – which offers a choice of an amazing one million color options.

The luxury brand is also working on their One-77 luxury safe (photo above). It will feature an exterior to perfectly match the exterior of a client’s personal Aston Martin One-77 Supercar. Wow! Once finished, the safe’s door will play the sound of the owner’s own Supercar engine starting up via the safe’s hi-fi system.

If you need even more to be impressed, consider the new safe will be the only one in the world with an interior that elevates at the simple touch of a button.

The unique difference is the team at Buben & Zorweg routinely spend many hours with their clients to fully understand their needs and wishes.

Co-founder and director Christian Zörweg states, “We pride ourselves in thinking of every eventuality, on both design and security aspects.

Buben & Zorweg use the most secure electronic system for safes, originally developed for use in the basements of Swiss banks. Once our clients start talking about personalizing a Buben & Zorweg safe or interior, they become as excited as small children.”

This German luxury brand is at the top if its game. They offer seven standalone boutiques and over 25 in-shop boutiques. They are present in over 100 countries.

If you would like additional information about luxury safes and other products from Buben & Zorweg, please contact us today. Return to follow our luxury blog and stay abreast of other luxury industry news and product announcements.

Photo: Buben & Zorweg


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