Las Vegas – A Guide to Sin City

Las Vegas Strip at night

If you are going to be flying to Las Vegas, you can be assured that you will have a great time in the city. Believe it or not, Las Vegas is more than just The Strip.

There are many things to do even for those who just want entertainment and do not care about gambling. If you want to go out gambling, by all means, do it.

There is more gambling in Las Vegas than anywhere else. However, you should not feel like that is the only option that you have.

The following will show you a few things that you can can do once your plane as has landed without putting your money on the line.

First, check out the Titanic Exhibition. This is not an exhibition showing the ship itself, of course, but showing various artifacts that have been brought up and rescued from the most famous wreck in the history of man-made vessels.

The Titanic Exhibition artifacts will offer you a very unique look back into the past. They will show you what the time period was like and what it was actually like to be on the Titanic ship when it left port and set out on its doomed voyage.

The movies are one thing but real life is something else altogether. Take a look at all of these different Titanic artifacts to explore that real life in a way that you have probably never done before.

If you are not as interested in history, check out Vegas Indoor Skydiving. This is an experience that is like nothing else save throwing your body from a perfectly good airplane and plummeting toward the ground below.

The wind tunnel is the perfect way to get the rush of air that goes along with skydiving, to get that feeling of weightlessness, all without having the fear of falling or the danger that is inherent to the sport. This has been advertised as something that grandmothers and five-year-old children can do, something that anyone can enjoy. You can even rent the tunnel out for a whole group of people to use for fifteen minutes, a great way to get everyone involved.

Maybe that does not sound like your thing either; maybe you want to see something that has to do with history and the nearby American West. If so, you should take a look at the Atomic Testing Museum.

While people now think of nothing but gambling when they think about Las Vegas, it used to be a hotbed for nuclear activity. The government set up 928 nuclear tests in the mainland United States, just sixty-five miles from Vegas. This museum is dedicated to preserving that history and the advancement of science.

You do not have to worry that this is a boring science museum, for it is set up in such a way that you will be drawn right in. You can watch videos of the processes and the tests. You can see the old equipment that was used. When you leave, it will be with a new appreciation for the things that began in the 1950s deep within the desert.

One way to see all of these things is to look for flight offers that include tickets to local attractions. Many Las Vegas flights will include these tickets because the airlines want to get your business. They are willing to spend a little money on you if you will fly with them.

Even if you do not use a flight like this, you can be sure to find a lot to do in Las Vegas — and a surprising amount of it has nothing to do with gambling.


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